Cases with Diagnoses Shown

90532: 19-year-old girl with right forearm pain
90857: 38-year-old man with dandy-walker syndrome
85192: 38-year-old woman with breast cancer
90706: 51-year-old man with long-standing history of seizure activity
96418: 52-year-old man with shortness of breath, nausea and chest pain
96937: 54-year-old woman with breast cancer
93369: 56-year-old woman with elevated calcium and parathyroid hormone levels
93580: 57-year-old woman with primary hyperparathyroidism
93711: 60-year-old woman with right-sided breast cancer
94236: 63-year-old woman with papillary thyroid carcinoma
85219: 68-year-old-man with esophageal cancer
271472: active heterotopic ossification
123649: anaplastic meningioma
323115: atypical metastasis from laryngeal cancer
85001: baastrup's sign
323766: benign bone tumor on bone scintigraphy
303259: bilateral pars defect
83527: bile leak
318486: biliary leak
270894: birth trauma: clavicular fracture
85283: bleeding meckel's diverticulum
93956: breast uptake due to prolactinoma
245511: bremsstrahlung radiation interference from previous y-90 microspheres treatment on a hepatic perfusion study
174166: bronchiolitis obliterans (chronic rejection) in a lung transplant patient
124874: calcaneal osteomyelitis with gangrene in the other foot
104689: calcaneal stress fracture
90178: carney's triad
348009: cervical spine metastasis from renal cell carcinoma detectecd on bone scan
172587: choledochal cyst
241402: complex regional pain syndrome
177199: congenital bilateral megaureters
85173: cross cerebellar diaschisis
123466: csf pseudocyst
245472: dieulafoy lesion presenting as gi bleeding
104352: diffuse large b cell lymphoma
173304: diffuse osseous metastatic disease secondary to neuroblastoma
105494: discordance between myocardial perfusion imaging and cardiac catherization
98319: ewing's sarcoma
233930: ewing's sarcoma
118421: expected biodistribution of bexxar
276236: failure of free flow of tracer into the peritoneal cavity
82845: false positive sentinel lymph nodes due to skin contamination (local only)
120039: false-positive i-131 activity in a patient with thyroid cancer
270977: fibrous dysplasia
99396: freiberg's infraction
389056: frontal osteoma on bone scintigraphy
132539: hepatic carcinoid
198306: hepatic subcapsular hematoma
83079: hepatobiliary scintigraphy
313689: hepatobiliary scintigraphy of alagille syndrome
97104: heterotopic ossification of the right hip
105863: high grade common bile duct obstruction
79253: horseshoe kidney
279367: hypertrophic osteoarthropathy
130574: i-131 uptake in a soft tissue cyst
283225: ileal conduit urinary leak
352904: inadequate labeling of in-111 wbc with increased blood pool activity
285372: indium-111 wbc scintigraphy in a case of left ventricular assisted device infection
91792: langerhans' cell histiocytosis
130907: late subacute parietal infarct
173604: left orbital benign fibro-osseus lesion
96458: left renal artery stenosis
372671: left temporal bone langerhans cell histiocytosis
130389: left temporal fibrous dysplasia
104242: leukemia on bone scan
79019: lingual thyroid
244130: loculated peritoneal fluid
105232: lung cancer on vq scan
245518: lvad drive line infection
300084: mccune-albright syndrome
123553: meningioma
132382: metastatic neuroblastoma
324525: metastatic osteosarcoma
301748: metastatic osteosarcoma with associated soft tissue component
125077: metastatic renal cell carcinoma
241186: metastatic thyroid cancer
114143: mucous plug
288897: multifocal bone infarcts in sickle cell thalassemia
173393: multifocal osteomyelitis secondary to blastomycosis
105235: myositis ossificans
320157: neuroblastoma of the adrenal gland
245532: neuroendocrine carcinoma (perfusion scintigraphy)
446205: nonobstructing/nonrefluxing primary megaureter
128535: osteomyelitis complicating a total knee replacement
241459: osteonecrosis of the maxilla related to bisphosphonates
148550: paget's disease and breast cancer metastases
131024: parathyroid adenoma
241475: parathyroid adenoma
108817: parathyroid carcinoma
298403: pathologic fracture
144871: penile chloroma
130879: pheochromocytoma
144857: plantar fasciitis
94740: pneumothorax
122120: post polypectomy cecal bleed
165159: primary megaureter
98003: proximal portion of the jejunum bleeding
385072: pthrp malignancy-associated hypercalcemia
92668: ptotic right kidney with high-grade right ureteral obstruction
94186: pulmonary embolus
97518: recurrent mediastinum and left mid-chest breast cancer
245553: recurrent osteosarcoma (bone scintigraphy)
241833: reduced cerebral perfusion after balloon occlusion of carotid artery
204432: reflux via ureteroureteric anastamosis
198862: renal laceration
281101: residual functioning thyroid tissue in surgical bed and in a thyrogloassal duct remnant
131640: reverse ventilation-perfusion mismatch
81037: reverse ventilation-perfusion mismatching
105568: rhabdomyolysis
97810: right main stem bronchial intubation
101881: slipped capital femoral epiphysis on bone scintigraphy
121179: soft tissue schwannoma
129392: spect artifact
311594: splenosis
131111: svc syndrome
131960: thymoma
106823: treated (non-fdg avid) widespread osseous metastatic disease
301419: unilateral pars interarticularis defect
347859: upper gastrointestinal bleed in a patient with stent graft endoleak
122216: uptake within the tracheobronchial tree following administration of i-131
373641: ureteropelvic junction obstruction with massive dilatation of the renal collecting system
85240: urinary reflux
245525: urine leak after a partial nephrectomy
125447: vasovagal response leading to an abnormal clearance curve on a lasix renal scan
298646: venous collaterals secondary to superior vena caval obstruction
293895: ventilation-perfusion scintigraphy
120355: vicarious hepatobiliary excretion of tc99m-mag3