Cases with Diagnoses Shown

206875: 53-year-old woman with mediastinal mass
206876: adrenal carcinoma on pet
206877: alzherimer's disease on pet
238067: angioimmunoblastic t-cell lymphoma with c.difficile colitis on follow up
282077: atypical liver hemangioma
311620: bening musculoskeletal uptake on fdg-pet
206878: bronchoalveolar cell carcinoma
326971: calyceal rupture due to acute ureteric obstruction
206879: cancer mimicking injection site
295278: carcinod tumor
245486: cecal sessile serrated adenoma (pet-ct)
206880: chordoma
206881: cns lymphoma
198622: colonic ischemia with pneumoperitoneum
206882: dementia
206883: ectomesenchymoma
206884: elastofibroma
206885: epithelioid angiosarcoma of the leg
206886: esophageal cancer with rib fractures due to cardiovascular resuscitation
206887: fibrous dysplasia
244094: granulocytic sarcoma
206888: granulomatous fungal lymphadenitis
284918: hot and cold liver metastasis on somatostatin receptor scintigraphy
297014: hypermetabolic septic emboli
357288: in-111 zevalin scintigraphy in follicular lymphoma
165135: incidentally identified colon cancer during pet-ct follow-up of lymphoma treatment
206889: invasive pulmonary aspergillosis
206890: large b-cell lymphoma
206891: large vessel vasculitis
206892: lipoid pneumonia
206893: lymphoma of the peritoneum
206894: mediastinal sarcoidosis
206895: medullary carcinoma of the kidney
347823: metabolic flare after an estradiol challenge
206896: metastatic cervical cancer
323940: metastatic malignant melanoma
125330: metastatic non-small cell lung cancer
242115: metastatic paraganglioma
300996: pancreatic cancer with soft tissue metastatic deposit
174057: pelvis abscess due to anal perforation
387927: perineural spread of parotid squamous cell carcinoma on 18f-fdg pet/ct
324079: pet estradiol challenge test
122053: pet/ct imaging for epileptic localization
206897: poorly differentiated carcinoma
245546: primary cardiac lymphoma
206898: pyomyositis
206899: rasmussen's encephalitis
206900: recurrent lymphoma
114581: recurrent/ residual brain metastatic small cell carcinoma
206901: respiratory distress
206902: right mesial temporal sclerosis
244138: right upper lobe fungal infection
241556: seizure during fdg-pet uptake phase
244112: septic arthritis of the right sacroiliac joint on pet in a lymphoma patient
206903: testiclular recurrence of lymphoma
248470: uretero-enteric fistula
305816: urine leak