Case Author(s): Dennis Hsueh, M.D. and Keith Fischer, M.D. , 04/07/04 . Rating: #D2, #Q3

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Brief history:

4 year old girl with intermittent abdominal pain. Renal ultrasound examination demonstrates left hydronephrosis.


Top panel: Posterior projection images (2 sec/fr for 1 min) after injection of radiopharmaceutical. Bottom panel: Posterior projection images (1 min/fr for next 20 min) after injection of radiopharmaceutical.

View main image(rs) in a separate viewing box

View second image(rs). Renal function curves.

View third image(rs). Post Lasix posterior projection images (1 min/fr for 33 min).

View fourth image(rs). Left Panel: Initial post void image following 20 minutes of imaging Right Panel: Post void image after 33 minutes of imaging following the administration of Lasix.

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