Case Author(s): Gabriel De Simon, M.D. and Barry A. Siegel, M.D. , 02/01/01 . Rating: #D3, #Q4

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Brief history:

Severe emphysema with several episodes of spontaneous pneumothorax, treated by pleurodesis. The patient also has a cecal mass suspicious for malignancy, on an abdominal CT scan.


Coronal PET images from the skull base to proximal thighs.

View main image(pt) in a separate viewing box

View second image(pt). Anterior, RAO, LAO, posterior reprojection images, and coronal, sagittal and axial planar images at various levels.

View third image(ct). Axial CT images of the upper and mid thorax.

View fourth image(ct). Axial CT images of the lower thorax and abdomen.

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