Case Author(s): Hamid Latifi,MD , 4/14/95 . Rating: #D2, #Q3

Diagnosis: Prune belly syndrome

Brief history:

33 year old man with slowly increasing creatinine.


Posterior images of abdomen through 20 minutes. Both rows of images are the same but the bottom row is at higher intensity to show the soft tissues.

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View second image(rs). Post-furosemide posterior images of the abdomen, 5 minutes per frame for 30 minutes.

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Diagnosis: Prune belly syndrome

Full history:

33-year old man with known diagnosis of prune belly syndrome and history of multiple prior urinary tract infections who now presents with a slowly increasing serum creatinine. The patient has had a prior vesicostomy. Renal scintigraphy was requested to evaluate relative renal function and exclude renal obstruction.


Renal scintigraphy shows a small right kidney with normal left renal function. The collecting systems are dilated bilaterally, worse on the left. The ureters are laterally deviated, which is not unusual in patients with prune belly syndrome. There is no evidence of urodynamically significant obstruction, as documented by prompt clearance of activity from both renal collecting systems after administration of intravenous furosemide.


This case simply demonstrates a renal scintigraphic appearance of an adult patient with prune belly syndrome.

ACR Codes and Keywords:

References and General Discussion of Renal Scintigraphy (Anatomic field:Genitourinary System, Category:Normal, Technique, Congenital Anomaly)

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