Case Author(s): Thomas H. Vreeland , MD /J. Wallis , 07/17/94 . Rating: #D1, #Q3

Diagnosis: Normal Liver-Spleen Scintigraphy

Brief history:

This patient is a 60 year old man with being evaluated for possible splenomegaly.


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Diagnosis: Normal Liver-Spleen Scintigraphy

Full history:

This patient is a 60 year old man with moderate thombocytopenia being evaluated for possible splenomegaly.


Physiologic distribution of activity in liver, spleen, and bone marrow.


Note the different intensities allow for one to visualize the bone marrow. This examination is seldom done in the 1990(s); other imaging modalities offer better anatomic resolution.

Occasionally, a liver-spleen scintigraphy is ordered to assess spleen size, assess for splenic infarct, or to evaluate for degree of colloid shift to bone marrow and spleen as evidence of liver dysfunction. It may also be used to assess for accessory splenic tissue, although a heat-damaged red blood cell scan may be superior for this purpose.

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References and General Discussion of Liver-Spleen Scintigraphy (Anatomic field:Gasterointestinal System, Category:Normal, Technique, Congenital Anomaly)

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